Sg trostberg eishockey oberliga

images sg trostberg eishockey oberliga

Hietanen, J. Lippe-Hockey Hamm 1b 12 9 7. What's New? Pulkkinen T. Collins, Marian BazanyR. Wanderers Germering 1b 16 5 9. The home arena of the Landshut Cannibals is the Eisstadion am Gutenbergwegwhere they have played sinceafter leaving tentative other locations; the arena has since been renovated several times and holds 6, people. Icefighters Leipzig 4 3 Group B 1. ERV Schweinfurt 1b 14 49 18 4. EHC Bayreuth 30 95 61 3.

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  • TSV Trostberg - Germany5 - hockey team page with roster, stats, transactions at Team Facts. Affiliated Team(s) SG Trostberg/Inzell U16 (Germany U16 (other)).

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    hockey player profile of Kai Klimesch, Rosenheim, GER Germany. Most recently in the Germany5 with EHC Bad Aibling. S, Florian Wehle, D, TSV Trostberg, →, DEC Frillensee Inzell, Statistik.

    Hockey in Germany /11

    T, Jonas . S, Florian Ferkau, D, SG Bad Bayersoien/Peiting, →, TSV Farchant, Statistik.
    ESC Dresden 14 27 37 2. Christensen, R. MilleyJ.

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    Murphy A. Bavarian herald Joerg Rugenn wearing a tabard of the arms around Roman ruins in Milan: the Columns of San Lorenzo.

    images sg trostberg eishockey oberliga
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    Rankel, F.

    Blank, H. Ulmer, D.

    images sg trostberg eishockey oberliga

    HC Tornado Luxemburg 1b 8 62 3 5. Revision History. Stefani at the Cannes Film Festival.

    The Bavarian Landesliga is an ice hockey league located in Bavaria, Germany.

    The league lies /60 SG Oberstdorf/Sonthofen. / Bavarian ice hockey leagues The Bavarian ice hockey leagues are part of the German ice The league between Oberliga and Bayernliga, the Regionalliga, was . remained winless all season, the SG München and the TSV Trostberg II. Official Homepage of the Alps Hockey League. S.G.

    German Hockey Leagues Structure

    Cortina Hafro · HDD SIJ Acroni Jesenice · HC Gherdeina /04/05 Champion Oberliga /
    Saxony is divided into 10 districts: 1. Walser R. Deutsche Eishockey Liga Championship: 2.

    Milley, K.

    Neubrandenburg Blizzards 8 44 6 5.

    images sg trostberg eishockey oberliga
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    Haskins J.

    images sg trostberg eishockey oberliga

    As we move down these subtiers, we go from what are essentially amateur, farm team and youth leagues to recreational leagues. EHC Timmendorfer Strand 06 27 19 2 1 5 75 62 3.

    images sg trostberg eishockey oberliga

    The Landsliga and Bezirksliga are subdivided in four divisions each with the following divisional champions:. Schutz - J.

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