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images secret theater mgs3 volgin

Raiden then finds himself in the flowerfield where Snake and The Boss are about to fight to the death. Colonel Campbell then informs Snake that he has caused a Time Paradox. The Boss throws herself from the bridge and activates her microbombscreaming "The Joy! Don't give up on me, Snake! The radio frequency, Contents [ show ]. Start a Wiki.

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    Secret Theater is an unlockable feature that showcases humorous alternate endings to It was originally shown on the official Metal Gear Solid 3 website, and is Snake, Sokolov, and Colonel Volgin stare down blankly; Snake salutes The.

    This articles list the secrets in Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater.

    Alternately, choose "I Like MGS3!" Killing Major Ocelot after Naked Snake knocks him unconscious at the beginning of the game results in a Time Paradox (this unlocks the "Problem Solved, Series Over" trophy.

    Presistence included MG1 and MG2SS, Boss Rush, Snake Vs Monkey, I like Secret Theater and Snake vs Monkey too much to do so though.
    Despite the implications of the ending of the trailer, Raiden does not actually end up playable in Metal Gear Solid 4, although he does end up playable in its online supplement.

    The last scene is a thong-wearing blond character either Raiden or Raikov holding an AK and futilely running from the Shagohod as it runs him over. The Fear can be tricked into eating rotten and poisonous food, which will heavily deplete his stamina.

    In addition, Raiden at one point ends up in a drum can unintentionally due to time traveling to Volgin killing Granin, and uses it to escape. If the player has captured a Tree Frog, they can set it free near Volgin, resulting in him attacking it.

    Move the right analog stick and you will change the course in which the credits move.

    images secret theater mgs3 volgin
    Back in the present, Rose tells Jack that he can't change the past, but he can "take the future into his own hands.

    The radio frequency, When he arrives at the drop point, however, Naked Snake touches down and unintentionally kicks Raiden in the face. He then hands the player back their cigarette gas-spray gun.

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    This only works if the player fed her after the mandatory pause at the beginning of this part of the game.

    If the player has captured a Tree Frog, they can set it free near Volgin, resulting in him attacking it.

    Both characters then make a mad dash for the chair.

    images secret theater mgs3 volgin

    Raiden appears just in time to receive the royal beatdown intended for Snake, who takes the opportunity to slip away unnoticed. Along the way Raiden causes a series of Time Paradoxes. Leave the transmitter in Snake's back when the player leaves the cell.

    The fight inside the WIG goes faster than expected. He then hands the player back their cigarette gas-spray gun.

    images secret theater mgs3 volgin
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    Snake taunts Ocelot for using a decorative revolver, saying that he can't shoot him.

    Throughout the movie, Sigint handles most situations coolly and collected, while Snake always gets the worst of every situation, from being swarmed by hornets to falling down with the Shagohod after the bridge is destroyed.

    Immediately following this scene, there is a brief shot of Snake and EVA gazing at each other. Unfortunately, he slams it a little too hard, causing the timer to reset to 0 and detonate the other charges, destroying the hangar.

    For the bonus disc of the English version of Subsistencemost of the new dialogue was replaced with either previously recorded lines from the game or nonverbal grunts, so the videos are entirely in English.

    images secret theater mgs3 volgin

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    1. EVA and Snake park their bike just in time to see an enraged Volgin fly out of the tank and straight toward them screaming "It's not over yet! When at the cell after the torture, there are four ways to get the frequency.