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Green synthesis of multifunctional copper sulfide for efficient adsorption and photocatalysis. Robert D. Triphenylamine-based electroactive compounds: synthesis, properties and application to organic electronics. BarinSandro R. Enhancement of erythritol production in Trichosporonoides oedocephalis by regulating cellular morphology with betaine. Comparison and optimisation of biodiesel production from Jatropha curcas oil using supercritical methyl acetate and methanol. Decomposition of meta - and para -phenylphenol during ozonation process. Optimized design of novel Pt decorated 3D BiOBr flower-microsphere synthesis for highly efficient photocatalytic properties. Preparation and physical properties of chitosan-coated calcium sulphate whiskers.

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  • Ahmedou Moulaye Idriss, Yahya Tfeil, Jiddou Sidi Baba, Sid'Ahmed Md Boukhary, Abdul Rahman Shour, Benjamin Holmes, Emmanuel Adoyi Ameh, Oluwole Rached Bayar, Zeineb Mzoughi, Achref Djebbi, Ghassen Halek, Mohamed. Pan African Medical Journal 21,Aug . Onah Ifeanyi, Adebiyi Emmanuel, Olaitan Peter, Abdur-Rahman Lukman, Adeyemo Adebowale Zairi Ihsen, Mzoughi Khadija, Jnifene Zouhayer, Fennira Sana, Ben Moussa Fethia.

    Pamj archives Volume 21 Year =

    Abdu Wakawa Ibrahim, Shuaibu Yahya, Sadique Kwajafa Pindar, Musa Abba. Dalia Galhom, Marwa Abd El Hafeez, Abdul RS Juratli, Hee Young Kim, Ana Yahya Sayegh, Abdul Vahed Mohammad, Syed Mamoon Hussain, Ihsen Zairi, Khadija Mzoughi, Ben Moussa Fathia, Sofien Kammoun.
    Transport properties and fouling issues of membranes utilized for the concentration of dairy products by air-gap membrane distillation and microfiltration.

    De Laceyand Marcos Pita. Design, synthesis, and biological evaluation of new substituteddeoxy-andrographolide derivatives as apoptosis inducers. Synthesis, characterization, and evaluation of bioactivity of novel Fe II nano-complexes based on sucrose, glucose, and fructose. UV light-induced photocatalytic, antimicrobial, and antibiofilm performance of anodic TiO 2 nanotube layers prepared on titanium mesh and Ti sputtered on silicon.

    images mzoughi med yahya abdur
    Erratum to: Flavonoids from Cirsium japonicum var. SeverynovskaIlona V.

    Hong-Yan Zhang and Ya Lv. Magnetic properties of binary and ternary mixed metal oxides NiFe 2 O 4 and Zn 0. Functional group transformation from amines to aldehydes via IBX oxidation. Ana M. Research The burden of rheumatic heart disease among children in Lagos: how are we faring?

    Houda Mzoughi (LETI, University of Sfax, Tunisia), Faouzi Zarai (Sfax Ming Xu (National University of Defense Technology, P.R.

    China), MD Abdur Rahim ( Create-. Egypt), Yahya Mohasseb (Nile University, Egypt), Hesham El Gamal ( Ohio State Anomaly Detection in Medical WSNs Using Enclosing Ellipse and. Methods Using data from the Medical Expenditure Panel Survey, analyses ?sa; Vataire, Anne-Lise; Cetinsoy, Laurent; Aball?a, Samuel; Mzoughi, Olfa; Malik, Muhammad Ashar; Nahyoun, Abdul Sattar; Rizvi, Arjumand; Bhatti, Zaid Azzani, Meram; Yahya, Abqariyah; Roslani, April Camilla; Su, Tin Tin. Rasul - Nsama Chikwanka - Subrata Banerjee - Aderemi Medupin - Reina Garcia.

    Kisia - masood punjabi - ABC4All TEAM - LivingEducation Dr yahya h. bajwa. Abdur Razzaque - Maria del Carmen Fuertes - Anne Fullick - abdul waheed .

    Ferdous A.T.M.

    Video: Mzoughi med yahya abdur আব্দুল মোমেন মোরাদাবাদী সাহেব, ঢাকা, জাঙ্গাইল ৩দিন ব্যাপি ১৭ তম তাফসীরুল কোরআন মাহফিল

    - Li Gin - Siwar Mzoughi - Acref Saddi - Zohra Bejaoui - Bello.
    GobaraGharieb S. Preparation of Lewis acid ionic liquids for one-pot synthesis of benzofuranol from pyrocatechol and 3-chloromethylpropene.

    images mzoughi med yahya abdur

    Nabil A. Solvent-free synthesis of 6-unsubstituted dihydropyrimidinones using 2-pyrrolidonium bisulphate as efficient catalyst. Response surface optimization of cholesterol extraction from lanolin alcohol by selective solvent crystallization.

    images mzoughi med yahya abdur

    images mzoughi med yahya abdur
    Thermal annealing-induced modification of the structure and electrical conductivity of metallic nanotubes embedded in PET track-etched membranes. An effective and convenient synthesis of cordycepin from adenosine.

    Mass transfer examination in electrodialysis using limiting current measurements. Synthesis of multiarm star block copolymers via simplified electrochemically mediated ATRP. Ni-based olivine-type catalysts and their application in hydrogen production via auto-thermal reforming of acetic acid.

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    However, many diabetic patients insist on fasting without proper medical. Yahya Pasdar SHAIKH ABDUL KADER ABDUL SHAKOOR Khadija Mzoughi. Mustapha Mohammed Bello, Abdul Aziz Abdul Raman, and Anam Asghar, Vol. Multi-experimental characterization of selected medical plants growing in the .
    An improved synthesis of the 5-HT1A receptor agonist Eptapirone free base. Hossein Eshghi and Narges Mirzaie.

    BazelMarcel Torokand Yaroslav Studenyak.

    Chemical Papers

    Application of positron emission tomography and 2-[ 18 F]fluorodeoxy-D-glucose for visualization and quantification of solute transport in plant tissues. Poly azomethine-epoxy-ether containing phenyl and etoxy moieties: synthesis, characterization and fluorescence property.

    images mzoughi med yahya abdur
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    Ahmad BarakaSarah DicksonM.

    Alkali pre-treatment of Sorghum Moench for biogas production. Bacterial and chemical leaching of copper-containing ores with the possibility of subsequent recovery of trace silver. Use of ZSM-5 catalyst in deoxygenation of waste cooking oil.

    Conductometric sensor with calixarene-based chemosensitive element for the arginine detection.

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    1. Synthesis of a sialic acid derivative of ristocetin aglycone as an inhibitor of influenza virus.

    2. Decomposition of meta - and para -phenylphenol during ozonation process. The synthesis of a lanthanum metal—organic framework and its sensitivity electrochemical detection of H 2 O 2.

    3. The synthesis of a lanthanum metal—organic framework and its sensitivity electrochemical detection of H 2 O 2. Landfill leachate treatment using the sequencing batch biofilm reactor method integrated with the electro-Fenton process.

    4. Synthesis and characterization of a perylene derivative and its application as catalyst for ethanol electro-oxidation. Adsorption desulphurisation of dimethyl sulphide using nickel-based Y zeolites pretreated by hydrogen reduction.