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Get more info Enter your details to learn more about how Visilion Logistics can take your business to the next level. On this record, we have no basis to question the reasonableness of the agency's past performance evaluation or Mobiam's ranking. Download the digital brochure to learn more about how Visilion Logistics can take your business to the next level. RFP attach. View Decision PDF. In reviewing protests challenging an agency's evaluation of proposals, we will not substitute our judgment for that of the agency regarding the merits of proposals; rather, we will examine the agency's evaluation only to ensure that it was reasonable and consistent with the solicitation's evaluation criteria and with procurement statutes and regulations.

  • Mobiam Solutions Inc Alpharetta, GA Small Business Database
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  • Mobiam Solutions Inc Alpharetta, GA Small Business Database

    Company profile page for Mobiam Solutions Inc including stock price, company news, press releases, executives, board members, and contact information. Mobiam Solutions Inc.

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    company research & investing information. Find executives and the latest company news. Mobiam Solutions Inc Products: Computer programming service Management information systems MIS, System administrators, Information retrieval systems.
    Gamboa General Counsel [1] This decision addresses the primary arguments presented in Cerner's protest submissions.

    The solicitation stated that past performance would be evaluated on the basis of a number of factors, including an offeror's performance, risk, and performance confidence. Finally, the integration contractor rated Mobiam's and Cerner's solutions acceptable with respect to interface and integration.

    images mobiam solutions inc

    Easily share transport information inside and outside your organisation. Want to learn more? They just want it fixed.

    images mobiam solutions inc
    The system will also send a notification if the goods is likely to arrive late, so that proper measures can be taken.

    White WhiteRO gao. Here, the RFP specifications were primarily stated in terms of functional or performance requirements, which permitted an offeror to propose its own unique approach. Patton PattonK gao.

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    The agency received 11 proposals, including Mobiam's and Cerner's, by the original due date of March The agency conducted discussions with these five offerors and invited them to submit final revised proposals and a recorded video version of their respective product demonstrations.

    Jacqui Krugel, vice-president of development at enterprise application platform developer Mobiam Solutions Inc.

    in Toronto, has two other women in her team of. Cerner Corporation protests the award of a contract to Mobiam Solutions, Inc. RFP) No. DASWR, issued by the Defense.

    images mobiam solutions inc

    Oct. 10, Mobiam Solutions, Inc.

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    is proud to announce that its FirstServe healthcare management software has been selected by Defense.
    Gregory agrees. Specifically, Cerner maintains that although there was no requirement in the RFP for a specific approach, the record shows that the agency had an unannounced preference for a web-based solution, which prejudiced Cerner. Skip Navigation. In addition, the agency evaluated software architecture, ease of integration, configuration, quality control and security, and past performance.

    Mobiam's weaknesses included that the firm was a small, new company, and that its product had not been implemented in a hospital setting. Evaluator C: Yes, yes. While the RFP thus left it to the offeror to propose what it believed to be the best approach for satisfying the RFP requirements, there was no guarantee that the agency would consider different approaches to be equally effective.

    Mobiam Solutions Inc Alpharetta +1 ()

    images mobiam solutions inc
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    Both offerors' proposals were among those included in the competitive range.

    Measure quality by automated departure, arrival and stop info for waypoints without manual input.

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    Want to learn more? As relevant here, Mobiam's proposal received an acceptable rating and Cerner's proposal received a good rating.

    U.S. GAO Cerner Corporation

    Is Citrix XP a supported method of thin-client solutions for DOD or are you looking for browser-based applications exclusively? For example, the record establishes that proposals were evaluated to determine if the offeror's software met the functional and technical requirements of the SOW. Tracker control Visilion Logistics Ping your trackers at any time.

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    1. For example, Cerner argues that the agency improperly downgraded its proposal for the use of Citrix when Cerner only recommended, but did not require, the use of Citrix.

    2. Moreover, even if this were not the case, during discussions, Cerner was asked about the maximum number of users its application could be scaled to support.